Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catch Up!

Happy Halloween!  So this post is catch up for the last 2 months :)  Enjoy!
Bumble Bee Lydia and Skeleton Wesley:)
Halloween Party with Wesley's play group
This picture still makes me laugh!! So we decided to take the kids on a walk the other day and it was freezing out.  Well, Lydia hates her car seat so I thought I would try her out in her little snow suit but it is a size 3-6 months and ended up being huge on her.  In this picture it looks like she is frozen in place but she is so tiny her arms are barley in the sleeves...the look on her face though is priceless!....Don't worry, I took her out and put her in her car seat and it was a good thing because on the way home it started snowing.

Carving his first pumpkin!
Hill Air Force Museum....Wesley's new obsession, planes!
Love the fall colors

Love this picture of Lydia, so pretty:)

Herriman Canyon
Wesley' and his friend Natalie, they are so cute together!

On this day Wesley said "Hold you baby" it was so cute, it was the first time he  really paid any attention to Lydia
1 month old

Happy 28th to me:)...We actually got to go out on a real date because my mom was in town watching the kids!  Love you Mom!

Hoagle Zoo
Grammy to the rescue! It was so great having my mom here right after Lydia was born!

Lydia's 1 month Photo Shoot